Important message about the future of Bookwinked and Verhalenwijs

Recently you’ve heard me talk about quitting Bookwinked and writing reviews.
For the last few weeks I’ve thought long and hard about what to do next. One of the biggest obstacles is running two blogs alongside each other. One is time consuming, but two is just too much.

When I started Verhalenwijs (my Dutch Young Adult and children’s books blog), I wanted to focus on the Dutch side of books and keep things separate from Bookwinked. While Verhalenwijs is a lot of fun, it’s too hard to keep both blogs.

So I’ve decided to combine both blogs in a more personal bilingual blog. It will still review Dutch books and those posts will be in Dutch. But I will also keep reviewing books in the lgbtq-genre. In addition there will be posts about my other hobbies, such as photography, art, movies and series.

In the coming weeks Bookwinked and Verhalenwijs will be consolidated in Crossing Pages.

No worries, the content of Bookwinked and Verhalenwijs will be transferred.

I would like to ask you to be patient in the coming weeks. Reviews and interviews will be posted, but it will probably take a little longer.

If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know!

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