A view from my bookshelf

When I started reading in this genre it was mostly on my mini laptop. It was in a time (long long long ago) when e-readers were still very expensive.
It was also in a time when I still read a lot of paper books. When e-readers and this genre became more accessible, I started buying the physical books as well. Only books I really really liked.
One of the first books I bought was To Love a Cowboy by Rhianne Aile. I still love that book.

Now I have two shelves full of books dedicated to the LGBTQ-genre.

Let me show you a few favourites:

They are by no means all my favourites, because all the books I have physically on my shelf are all-time best reads. I have a special connection with The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles because it’s a signed edition from when I met Jo at the UK Meet of 2014. I met J.L. there too, but Wight Mischief was acquired by a trade-in with another friend, so it unsigned. One day I will get Megan Derr to sign of the books I have by her!


What are some of your favourite books on your bookshelf?

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