5 LGBTQ books to read for Valentine’s Day.

As you may know from my Valentine rec post from last year, I’m not too big on the holiday. Oh I have a romantic bone or two, but you know, over-commercialized bullblahblah and all that.

However, no matter my thoughts on this holiday, I do think it’s the perfect time to read some feel good romance books or books that romantic undertones. Bookwinked wouldn’t be Bookwinked if I didn’t have some recommendations for you.

In this post I have 5 lgbtq books for you to read for or around Valentine’s day. Be aware, one of them is a Dutch one that I think is perfect, but alas, there is no translation into English as of yet.

Do you have books you like to read around or on Valentine’s Day?

1 – An exciting, sci-fi adventure, with a strong female lead. Tag: asexuality
2 – A touch of romance and a touch of the paranormal where two lovers find each other again. Tag: m/m
3 – A sweet, slow-burn romance story. Tag: m/m
4 – A very sweet and romantic story with an unlikely pairing. Tag: m/m
5- 3 romantic story about discovering who you really are. Tag: f/f


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