Exclusive Cover Reveal

Hello all. We are proud to present to you to this exclusive cover-reveal for the awesome trilogy The Forester in an very shiny new wrap. While I loved the previous covers, these are also very pretty. If you are curious about the third book, check out Love Bytes Reviews for the cover reveal. Without further
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What I love about this genre

Recently I made this blogpost on social media and opinions in the m/m genre that focused on one of the more negative sides of this genre. That got me thinking too. Every low point must have a high point. A flip-side. The positive to the negative side. That is why I thought a follow-up post
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Hippy Happy Links Part 2

Yes, I know. Guilty. Been gone a few weeks. As far as excuses go, I was in the middle of an internship, exams and ill. So I was happy to just get myself out of bed. No fear, I’m back bearing gifts. Here are the lasted bunch of fun links for you, including free books:
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