A day at the Amsterdam Gay Canal Pride 2016

Yesterday was once again the day. The conclusion of almost a month of pride activities in Amsterdam, marked by 200 events. This year was special for several reasons. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Amsterdam Canal Pride! So many years already! I feel positively old now as I remember people talking about his
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What I love about this genre

Recently I made this blogpost on social media and opinions in the m/m genre that focused on one of the more negative sides of this genre. That got me thinking too. Every low point must have a high point. A flip-side. The positive to the negative side. That is why I thought a follow-up post
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And the winner is...

Last week there was an interview with Charlie Cochet about her new upcoming release. Because I received an ARC from Charlie, I thought I’d attach a giveaway. The contest has ended and it’s time to announce the winner!   Congratulations Susanna! RaffleCopter picked you! You’ve received an e-mail from me! To all those who didn’t
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