Bookish posts: March wrap-up – what did I read?

April! I love this month because you get a little of every kind of weather in this month. One day it’s full on spring and the next it’s snowing. Warm, cold, wet, windy. There’s a little bit for everyone in this month.

March was also a very good month, especially on the book front. I read a lot of good books and I was lucky to get my hands on a few books earlier than most. Like Megan Derr’s Dragon Magic – which I completely forgot to review on its release day – and everyone’s favorite plumber: Tom in the fifth instalment of the Plumber’s Mate series called Lock Nut.

Other than that it seemed like I got in the Mary Calmes mood. That happens every once in a while. Her books are my ultimate guilty pleasure. For some reason I just love most of her books and it defies every logic. It’s also why I could never review the books, because they are my guilty pleasure. Writing a review makes you look at a book in a different light and with her books I don’t want. This time I focussed on the Marshal books. I can’t help but love Miro, even if I want to strangle him at the same time.

The books that are not on here, but do have reviews up on the site are the A Court of series. Those I read a few months back and initially wrote the reviews in Dutch for Verhalenwijs, but changed them to fit Bookwinked.

March was a lovely month for reading, but it seems like there will be some awesome releases in April. I already got my hands on Josh Lanyon’s new book and there will be a new book by Charlie Cochet too, the first in a new series so I can’t wait to read that one.

There is a also a booklaunch tomorrow for Chinouk Thijssen tomorrow in Rotterdam, which I might go to if I can make it in between all the other things I want to do. Like Get Inspired by Books which is on in the Central Library of Rotterdam. I looks really awesome with a lot of cool Dutch YA authors, but it’s a little on the expensive side for me. Choices, choices!

Books read in March

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