Eva Lefoy talks lack of communication and Dom of Destruction

Lack of communication ruins your BDSM experience by Eva Lefoy

No relationships are easy, it seems, and the same goes for BDSM. We are always left wondering what the rules should be, how to do things right and what the other person wants. All of this takes communication. Lots of communication. But, alas, that’s not always what we get, even in M/F relations. Would it be worse if it’s M/M? Maybe!

In Dom of Destruction, Brian and Gar don’t really communicate the rules to each other. Gar accepts Brian as his sub and makes a date for the next week. He didn’t tell Brian that he had a different sub every night or even that their newfound relationship wasn’t exclusive. Yowsa!

When Brian goes to the club searching for Gar only to find Gar with another sub, he’s shocked as can be. He’s also angry. He flies off the handle and then leaves, in search of a better, more available Dom, even though Gar is the only one he wants. He eventually runs right into big trouble.

If only they’d communicated better… isn’t that just like love?



Blurb for Dom of Destruction, book III in the Love Hurts series:
When new and impulsive sub, Brian is injured in a bad scene, the incident opens old wounds for his sometimes-Dom, Gar. While doling out revenge, Gar must come to terms with his fear of relationships and learn the shocking truth about his former lover, Angel.
Meanwhile, Paul’s uncontrolled jealousy of Brian comes to light and Geoffrey threatens to cancel their engagement if he won’t get his anger under control. In different ways the aftermath of the sadistic Dom’s destructive force puts these four men on the track to future happiness, but some will suffer more scars than others.

EXCERPT – Brian finds another sub servicing Gar at the club:
At the second to the last door he heard voices. One of them deep, even and low. It sounded a hell of a lot like Gar. Throwing caution to the wind, he pushed the door open and took a step inside. He halted, paralyzed with shock at the scene before him.

Gar stood on the dais by the bed, as handsome as ever, exuding pure masculine control while some young dork wearing a collar and a leather Trojan kilt knelt at his feet sucking him off.

Gar’s meaty hand cupped the back of the guy’s head, alternately pulling it away and then snugging it closer to his balls. “Yeah. That’s right. See how that position works better with the collar?”

What. The. Hell? Brian entered the room and headed straight for his Dom. He noticed a third man in the room—an attendant holding a towel—who flashed him a worried look at his approach. “Gar, what are you doing?”

Gar’s eyes widened for a second, then he waved a dismissive hand his way. “Working with one of my subs.” He frowned. “What are you doing here, anyway? It isn’t Thursday.”

Brian took a step closer, tension making his moves stiff. Rising anxiety in his chest stuttered his heartbeat. What the hell was wrong with Gar? The intensity of their last encounter had stamped its mark into every fiber of Brian’s being. It had driven his need higher and higher for days until frustration had forced him to come here begging for more. Did Gar not get that? “No, it’s not, but I wanted to see you.”

“I’m a little busy. Come back Thursday. Thursday’s your night.”

The guy slid his mouth off of Gar’s dick and it hung there, pointing right at the man’s face, clad in its shiny latex condom. “Did you want me to stop, Master?”

“No.” Gar shook his head. “Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

The sub resumed his project, sucking loudly and fisting the end of Gar’s cock. Gar’s shaft was so large the poor man’s hand hardly fit around it.

Brian blinked, trying to understand the scene unfolding before his eyes. No, he hadn’t assumed he was Gar’s boyfriend, but hell, he’d wanted a little more than to be relegated to a weekly time slot. “My night? You have a different sub every night?”

Gar sighed and crossed his arms. Irritation showed in his features, in the way his brows scrunched together like two large hairy caterpillars. “No, not every night. Fridays and Saturdays are still open.”

“What?” Brian hadn’t meant to screech, but the audacity of the man’s offhanded treatment of him put his anger on a short leash and his dismissive attitude jerked the chain. For God’s sake. Didn’t Gar realize he had needs?

Gar having a different sub every night wasn’t what he’d expected. What he’d imagined—what he’d truly wanted—was a piece of what Paul and Geoffrey had. An exclusive Dom/sub relationship. As in one-on-one. Man to man. Someone who’d understand him and help him explore his newfound submissive side. From what Paul had told him about being a Dom, the role didn’t include a fucking harem. “Look, Gar—”

Gar huffed out a breath and backed up, removing his penis from the man’s mouth. “Hold on. I’ll be right back.” He glanced at the other attendant and pointed. “You will service him while I’m gone and do a good job.”

The guy crawled away. “Yes, master.”

Brian rolled his eyes so far they nearly lodged in the back of his head.


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Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

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