I have always been an avid reader and that hasn’t changed over the years. From medieval chronicles to  Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling to M.L. Rhodes to Maya Banks to Cassandra Clare. From books to comics to audiobooks, I’ve enjoyed them all.

Every now and again I’ll enjoy a literary book, but for the most part I have been reading a wide variety of romance and young adult books. A niche has been gay romance books and gay erotica. Books in the “m/m genre” went from a guilty pleasure to a hobby with reviews for several major blogs, including Reviews by Jesse Wave and visits with fellow readers and 2 UK Meets.

Last year I took a little break from the genre, but now I’m back!

The goal of this website is to create a fun little corner to discuss everything related to (gay) romance books. Reviews will be a large part of this blog, but the main part. There are many reviewsites out there and be honest, I don’t want to be just one of many.

This site will also focus on (in-depth) interviews, book news, events, contest/games, movies and whatever else I can think of.

I hope you enjoy the website!

Happy reading,


* Please note that English is not my native language. I will definitely try and catch the spelling and grammar errors, but some just slip by me.

** At the time I both study and work at the same time, so time is sometimes limited, especially around exam times. I’ll do my best to keep the website updated regularly and announce when I don’t have the time, but please be patient.